Due to our unstaffed, 24/7 access nature, we are not open to the public and do not have regular hours. We are a member-based gym. For an opportunity to climb at the gym as a guest, please watch our social media for advertised open hours, or message the climbing community through our Discord server (invite link HERE).

Not exactly – we have Guest Passes, for $15+tax/day. Members can host guests, but guests must be accompanied by a member the entirety of their time at the co-op. This is due to the unstaffed, 24/7 access nature of our gym.

Membership and Access ARE DIFFERENT! The Membership to the cooperative structure is a one-time $50 member due -this gives you a say in what happens in the gym, and the ability to purchase an access pass. Access to the gym is different: annual access passes are $400+tax – with this you get 24/7/365 access to the gym via a key fob. This ends up being ~$33/month, or $1.10/day if you were to climb every single day. There are buy-now, pay-later options available through Klarna at checkout.

The $50 one-time fee is the Membership due. This is a buy-in to the cooperative structure, and gives you voting rights, and a say in what happens in the gym. This does not give you access to the gym.

Yes, you must be a member in order to purchase an access pass. This is due to our cooperative structure. For other questions on membership, please refer to our Bylaws.

In order to climb for the day, you must have a member host you as a guest. There are no staff due to our 24/7 access nature, and keeping overhead costs low, and access passes affordable. Don’t know any members? Reach out to our members on the Discord server! You can access the invite link on our community page.

We currently do not have any group fitness or intro to bouldering classes. We rely on our members to coordinate all climbing events and workshops – so check back in the future!

We do not reserve the gym for any events except directly gym-related events such as exclusive member nights, setting days, or competitions.

We do not offer outside climbing courses, however please check our resources page for organizations that do!

All parents must be present when their kid(s) is(are) climbing. Any parent accompanying their child must be a member of the co-op unless the board has approved otherwise – minor admission is decided on an individual basis at the discretion of the board.

Yes! Please email us at climb@duluthclimbingandfitness.com to arrange a tour, or watch for Open Hours to come view and climb at the facility.

Indeed, we do! Please email climb@duluthclimbingandfitness.com to inquire about gift certificates.